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Thanks Join the Volunteer Team

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Power Paws for Kids is always looking for more volunteers, whether you own a dog or not!  For the canine owners there are a few key qualities we look for in a therapy dog:

  • Your dog must get along well with children and adults.
  • Your dog must know the basic commands (sit, stay, come, leave it, etc).
  • Your dog must tolerate other dogs being around him/her and does not display aggressive behavior.
  • With therapy work, you must have control of your dog at all times.
  •  Your dog must be at least 1 year old, and you must have owned him/her at least 6 months.  He/she must pass a CGC test when he/she is at least 1 year old.  Power Paws can assit you in locating CGC evaluators.  An internal therapy evaluation by Power Paws will also be required, at no cost, after passing the CGC test.  

Programs you and your dog may participate in:

Rally obedience:  This program is designed for special needs school aged children.  Your dog is paired with one child for this program.  You will meet once a week at that school and the child will learn from an instructor how to teach your dog to go through a Rally Obedience trial.  This will entail walking the ring on heel, sit, stay, down, come, go through a tunnel, over a jump, and through a hoop.  This teaches patience, camaraderie between child and dog, listening skills and pride. This is a 1 hour class once a week.

Reading Program:  This program is designed for school aged children who may need additional help with reading.  Your dog is paired with 1-2 children in a library setting, either at a public library or school library.  You and your dog will sit and listen to a child read to your dog.  Dogs do not care if a child makes a mistake, reads slowly, or stumbles on words and this will help bring confidence to the reader and patience, thus improving their reading skills. This is usually 1 hour a week or more if you are available.

Visiting the Elderly:  We also visit some local nursing homes.  Offering a friendly face, tail wags, and conversation to those who look forward to visits from friends.  This is a 1 hour program.  

We look forward to adding more programs as we grow!

Please fill out our volunteer application, (see above) and someone from Membership will contact you shortly.

Do not own a dog?  No problem!  We would still love to have you volunteer your services in other ways such as fundraising, grant writing, publicity and advertising.  

For more volunteer inquires please contact:           

Membership Committee